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  • Meet Your Ultimate Farmhand: When you're looking to hire someone to work on your farm, what qualities do you look for? Maybe you think that your new helper should be versatile so that they can easily adapt to any job that you may ask them to do. Perhaps dependability is important as it ensures that they will report to work on time and get the job done right. Or, possibly you consider strength as a deciding factor for those rigorous and demanding tasks on your farm. Fortunately for you, the T4 Series tractor has evolved with more efficient power to truly create your ultimate farmhand.
  • Ultimate Versatility: Whether you're in search of a basic utility tractor to haul wagons and rake hay, or a daily workhorse to feed the cows and scrape the barnyard, a T4 tractor is for you. Choose a T4 tractor with a flat-deck ROPS platform or the VisionView™ cab. You can also select a 2WD heavy-duty front axle, the standard-duty 4WD front axle or the heavy-duty FWD front axle. And there's a wide selection of transmissions, including an easy-to-use Hi-Lo transmission—New Holland's Dual Command™ transmission. The choices are yours to make.
Engine Features
  • Common Rail Is Common Sense: 1; 2; 3
  • Exceptional Fuel Economy: The Tier 4B F5G engine continues the New Holland legacy of best-in-class fuel economy with an estimated 3% better fuel economy than the previous Tier 4A models. To put it simply, you maintain performance while controlling your fuel bill at the same time. In addition, maximum power is achieved at a mere 1,900 RPM and is available up to 2,300 RPM, which is typical for work applications. A flatter torque curve throughout the optimum range provides you with operational flexibility.
  • Proven Engine and Emissions System: New Holland’s strategy for Tier 4B compliancy is to equip tractors between 75 and 120 horsepower with the ECOBlue™ Compact SCR + Light CEGR after-treatment system. The cooling requirements and costs associated with this system are less significant within this horsepower range compared to larger-horsepower tractors. In addition, a utility tractor’s dimensions are of vital importance for maneuvering in tight spaces. Using this system provides T4 series tractors with some of the efficiencies the SCR system that the larger-horsepower tractors benefit from, yet remain compact enough to maintain the utility tractor size. To give you further peace of mind, New Holland’s engine development partner, FPT Industrial is the only company which has completely eliminated Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) from all of its engines with outputs of over 75hp. What does that mean in practice? Well, it means that only FPT Industrial engines offer the benefits of optimized fuel consumption and reduced operating costs across this vast power range.
Transmission Features
  • Transmissions Tailored To Your Needs: Depending on your needs, you can equip your T4 tractor with the transmission that is well suited for you.
  • 12x12 Power Shuttle: The 12 x12 transmission with power shuttle is perfect for loader work. This transmission provides operators with a synchronized gearshift lever on the CommandArc console. The power shuttle lever is conveniently located on the left-hand side of the steering console for easy direction changes. This is especially important for loader applications or when working in confined areas where multiple direction changes occur more frequently.
  • 12x12 Mechanical Shuttle: A 12x12 mechanical transmission is the simplest, most economical transmission available on all T4 models. The mechanical shuttle is located on the left-hand side of the steering console. This transmission is perfect for basic haying applications, like raking and tedding, where shuttling is needed less frequently.
  • Creep Through The Fields: A 20x20 creeper option is available with a power shuttle that goes 0.15-mph (0.24 kph). The creeper lever is located on the left-hand console for easy shifting when going into or out of creeper mode.
  • Move Quickly: All 12x12 and 20x20 creeper transmissions come standard in 20-mph configurations. In order to get from the farm to the field, field to field or even just down the road, a 25-mph transport speed is available.
  • Advanced Features. Advanced Capabilities: A simple improvement to your daily chores can make a big difference. With the addition of an easy-to-use Hi-Lo transmission, your T4 provides you with advanced features you have come to know and expect from New Holland. On cab models an Electronic Draft Control (EDC) mouse pod, tilt and telescopic steering column and fender-mounted rear hitch and PTO switches come with the transmission to provide you advanced features for advanced capabilities.
  • 24x24 Dual Command™ with Power Shuttle: With the Dual Command™ transmission you revolutionize the way you think about shifting gears. The gearshift lever provides two quick shifting functions to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. First, it allows for Hi-Lo speeds in each of the four gears using push-buttons on the side of the lever. Secondly, a PowerClutch button on the back side of the lever allows you to shift between any of the gears in any of the three ranges without clutching with your foot. An added bonus is the standard speed of 25-mph, helping you get to the job or back home faster.
  • 40x40 Dual Command™ Creeper with Power Shuttle: The 40x40 Dual Command™ creeper transmission is available to provide the Hi-Lo and PowerClutch features at speeds as slow as 0.15-mph. A simple lever on the left-hand side console of the cab shifts the transmission into and out of the creeper gears, allowing you to get the job done in the field while still being able to get from one location to another quickly with a top speed of 25-mph.
  • Power Shuttle: Dual Command™ transmissions come with an electrohydraulic shuttle lever designed to enhance your efficiency. When you shuttle forward or backward, this lever conveniently returns to the central rest position allowing for quick and easy direction changes. To put the tractor in neutral, simply press the button on the end of the lever. Additionally, the shuttle lever has two different aggressiveness settings to tailor the tractor’s forward/reverse transition to your preference or the job at hand.
Hydraulics and 3-Point Hitch Features
  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Components: Whether you’re in search of easy-to-use controls or heavy-duty rear components, a T4 tractor has you and your productivity covered.
  • Standard 26.6-GPM Hydraulics: New Holland knows what hydraulic capabilities you’re looking for on this size utility tractor. An open-center system with a combined total flow of 26.6-gpm (101 l/min) is standard. As part of this tandem gear pump system, you receive a 16.9-gpm (64 l/min) implement pump and a 9.7-gpm (37 l/min) steering and services pump.
  • Ideal Hydraulic Remotes: Your remote levers will always be within an easy reach on the ergonomic CommandArc console. One or two rear remotes can be installed from the factory, while a third remote can be added at your local New Holland dealer. Smart, color-coded levers and rear remotes simplify your implement hookup by eliminating guesswork.
  • How Much Weight Can Your Farmhand Curl: There’s no need for this new farmhand to throw hay bales or fork manure to put on some muscle. If you need a strong worker, look no further than a T4’s rear three-point hitch lift capacity of 5,620 pounds (2549 kg). Need more? How does 7,351 pounds (3334 kg) sound? Just add an optional auxiliary lift ram.
  • Easy Lifting: Ease of lifting is just as important as the amount you can lift and with the T4 lifting couldn't be any easier. The T4 12x12 models have rear hitch control levers conveniently located to the right of the operator. T4 Dual Command™ ROPS models come standard with Lift-O-Matic plus which enables the operator to quickly adjust the rear hitch with a single lever located on the CommandArc console. An optional rear hitch control is available for both the T4 12x12 and T4 Dual Command™ ROPS and is located on the inner side of the rear fender to allow for easy implement hookup. T4 Dual Command™ cab models with electronic draft control (EDC) come standard with an EDC mouse for single hand rear hitch control. Additionally rear hitch control switches are located on each rear fender to easily adjust the rear hitch for implement hookup.
  • The Pull and Push of A Button: All T4 tractors equipped with a power shuttle transmission feature a hydraulic PTO, which is easy to activate with a pull of the yellow PTO knob on the CommandArc console. When you’re finished running your implement, simply push the button down to shut it off. T4 Dual Command cab models come standard with a PTO control switch on each rear fender to quickly rotate the PTO shaft for implement hookup or to fully engage or disengage the PTO.
  • The Push and Pull of A Lever: For a more economical option, if you equip your T4 with a mechanical shuttle, you will receive a PTO lever to the left of the operator’s seat. You can easily push this lever down to activate your PTO and pull it back up when you’re finished.
Cab Features
  • The VisionView™ Cab: Our Vision. Your View: The VisionView™ cab is the product of virtual reality. New Holland's vision of the view needed to safely and comfortably operate a loader is what drove the design for the VisionView cab. The outcome is clear. Take a look for yourself.
  • The Definition of Ergonomics: New Holland spent ample time considering where to place controls for all-day comfort and ease of operation. The result? The ergonomic CommandArc console. It’s located to your right, and prioritizes the controls according to which you use most often.
  • Informed Instrumentation: T4 instrumentation is always within perfect sight. On cab models, the easy-to-read gauges move in conjunction with the steering column whenever you change the tilt position of the steering wheel using the provided foot pedal.
  • Cool Technology: The dual fan, cooling & heating system provides you with high performance during the hottest summers and the coldest winters. Air flows from ten repositionable vents for ultimate all-body comfort or super-fast window defrosting. The B-pillar mounted controls fall perfectly to hand and can be intuitively adjusted on the go.
  • Take A Seat: Two seats are available on cab models. Take your choice: the standard fabric mechanical suspension as a more traditional seat option or choose the fabric air suspension seat with swivel to get the best comfort the T4 can provide. A full-size instructor seat is also available to show someone else how you get your jobs done.
  • It's Not A Bird or A Plane. It's Your Loader: With the VisionView™ cab, you no longer have to lean forward to see your loader thanks to the optional high-visibility panel. This panel gives you a perfect view of your loader bucket when it’s extended to full height. You can open the panel to let fresh air inside the cab. If the sun’s rays get too hot, simply extend the integrated sunshade.
  • Advanced VisionView™ Experience: The VisionView™ cab on T4 Dual Command™ tractors comes with additional features. The steering column has both tilt and telescopic adjustments to provide enhanced comfort while operating. The CommandArc console incorporates easy-to-reach electronic switches for engagement of the 4WD and rear differential lock as well as the New Holland acclaimed ergonomic EDC mouse pod with fast link lower and raise button and depth adjustment slider. On the outside, rear fender-mounted PTO and hitch switches provide easier implement hookups. These features when combined with the standard comfort features and ergonomics of the VisionView™ cab truly create an advanced operator experience.
ROPS Features
  • Ergonomic ROPS Platform: Have no doubt, comfort and smart control placement come standard on all T4 tractors, whether equipped with a cab or a ROPS platform. From the isolator-mounted platform that reduces vibration, to the foot pedal that allows you to easily adjust your steering wheel, we’ve done our best to ensure that your open-air experience is an enjoyable one.
  • Deluxe ROPS Configuration: This option comes with a FOPS-certified canopy, 12-volt power socket, clear plastic shielding on the grab rails to protect you from debris, a rubber pad on the left fender and a rubber floor mat to reduce vibration.
  • A True Flat-Deck Platform: Legroom is spacious thanks to the true flat-deck platform and suspended pedals. This means that there’s no driveline hump and no pedals on the floor preventing you from keeping your feet level and flat anywhere on the floor.
  • Comfortable Seating: A vinyl mechanical-suspension seat with armrests comes standard to provide you with excellent comfort all day long.
  • Smart Storage Spaces: ROPS models have additional storage compartments on both fenders since no cab air filters are needed. You can easily access these storage spaces from both the platform and from the ground.
  • Open-Air Dual Command™ Comfort: All ROPS tractors with the Dual Command™ transmissions come standard with Lift-O-Matic plus and otherwise maintain all the features of the 12x12 transmission such as the wide, open flat-deck platform, mechanical draft control, comfortable seating, smart storage spaces and deluxe configuration option with the addition of an electronic rear differential lock switch on the CommandArc™ console. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the comfort of the open air.
Maintenance Features
  • Simple Servicing: With super-long service intervals, New Holland T4 tractors have been designed to spend more time working around your farmstead and in the fields, and less time in the shop. However, when it is time for routine maintenance, all service points are easy to access. • A flip-up hood opens for full-access servicing • The engine air filter is easy to check, clean, or replace • Easily remove or replace the cab air filter. • Fill the 30.3-gallon fuel tank and 2.8 –gallon AdBLUE DEF tank from ground level. • The cooling package swings out to make cleaning faster and easier.
  • Checking Your Oil: Your engine oil and fill points are conveniently located with no need to lift the hood. This makes routine checks faster and servicing simpler. With your T4, you also enjoy a long, 600-hour service interval.
  • Make: FPT F5G
  • Type: 4-cylinder diesel
  • Displacement, cu. in. (L): 207 (3.4)
  • Gross engine horsepower: 107
  • PTO horsepower: 93
  • Emissions: Tier 4B with ECOBlue™ Compact SCR + Light CEGR
  • Standard: 12X12 Mechanical Shuttle
  • Option 1: 12X12 Power Shuttle
  • Option 2: 20X20 Power Shuttle with Creeper
  • Option 3: 24x24 Dual Command™
  • Option 4: 40x40 Dual Command™ with Creeper
3-Point Hitch
  • Lift capacity @ 24", lbs. (kg.): 5,620 (2549)
  • Optional ram @ 24", lbs. (kg.): 7,351 (3334)
  • Rear remotes - base: 2 or 3
  • Imp. pump - base gpm (L/min): 16.9 (64)
  • Service pump - base gpm (L/min): 9.7 (37)
  • Base PTO RPM - 12x12: 540
  • Optional PTO RPM - 12x12: 540/540E or 540/1000
  • Base PTO RPM - 24x24 Dual Command™: 540/540E
  • Optional PTO RPM - 24x24 Dual Command™: 540/1000
  • Weight - Cab/4WD, lbs. (kg.): 8,157 (3700)
  • Weight - Cab/2WD, lbs. (kg.): 7,473 (3390)
  • Weight - ROPS/4WD, lbs. (kg.): 7,672 (3480)
  • Weight - ROPS/2WD, lbs. (kg.): 6,988 (3170)
  • Overall width, in. (mm): 75.7 (1923)
  • Overall height - Cab roof, in. (mm): 102.1 (2594)
  • Overall height - top of ROPS, in. (mm): 106.5 (2706)
  • Overall length - 4WD, in. (mm): 160.9 (4086)
  • Overall length - 2WD, in. (mm): 163.1 (4144)
  • Front weights length, in. (mm): 10.3 (262)
  • Wheelbase 4WD, in. (mm): 89.9 (2285)
  • Wheelbase 2WD, in. (mm): 92.2 (2343)



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
4-cylinder diesel
107 hp
93 hp


92.2 in. (2343 mm)
75.7 in. (1923 mm)
6,988 lb. (3170 kg)

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